With our unmanaged Windows servers, it’s your server, your rules.

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Complete control with admin access

Scale for Windows workloads

Security for Windows environments

Full compatibility with Windows OS

Advanced network connectivity for Windows

Full integration with Microsoft technologies

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Truly global data centers

Innovation at every level

Transparent pricing

Sustainable hosting practices

Continuous performance optimization

Tailored control for Windows environments.

  • Making integration easy with any brand
  • Comprehensive RDP access, and control
  • Administrator access for extensive customization and configurations
Tailored control for Windows environments.

Seamless integration with Microsoft technologies.

  • Scale resources dynamically for optimal Windows workload performance
  • Enjoy full compatibility with a range of Windows Server editions
  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft technologies for optimal Windows app performance
Seamless integration with Microsoft technologies.

Take matters into your own hands.

  • Achieve unparalleled integration within the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Set up robust security for Windows environments, covering firewalls, malware scanning, and industry-standard compliance
  • Dynamically scale resources for peak performance with Windows-based workloads
Take matters into your own hands.

Don’t just take our word for it.

5 Star Review

Backed up by humans, highly recommend!

It's a rare thing to find a hosting company that gives such a neat service. From helping me transition from my past hosting service to theirs, configuring my email with me step by step to resolving other small issues that I've had over time, their customer & technical service is absolutely on point. It's refreshing to be able to chat with a human right away and have someone work with you until resolution. I would definitely recommend them!
5 Star Review

Incredibly responsive and knowledgeable

The customer support team is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Thanks to Essa R promptly assisting me through some difficulties related to my website. The level of professionalism and courtesy displayed by Essa R truly sets Mochahost apart.
5 Star Review

Good response time and clarity

I have been using MochaHost for 3 years now, and one thing I can assure is their quick response time and clarity of issue to be resolved. It’s very helpful to have a good support team to always be on standby for clients, and MochaHost does it best. Issues are also resolved well too.

Our support team is like a caffeine hit - quick and energizing.

Our support team is like a caffeine hit - quick and energizing.

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