Wake up your website with a dedicated managed Windows VPS.

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Fully managed

Dedicated environment

Run any PHP application

Unlimited emails

Unlimited websites

10GB database size

Ultra-fast 1Gbit+ network

SSH enabled

Take a double, triple or quintuple shot.

Our 30-day money-back guarantee

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Serious about security

Custom deployments

Immediate setup

Completely white-label

Unlimited free migrations in

24/7 support


Worldwide hosting

End-to-end management in a dedicated environment

  • Industry-leading uptime guarantee of 99.95%
  • No limitations on database usage, offering optimal scalability
  • Tailored server resources for your specific needs, ensuring dedicated performance
End-to-end management in a dedicated environment

Customizations all within your control

  • Customized domain controls and flexible DNS management through AnyCast DNS
  • SSH access for powerful and secure server management
  • Customizable deployment options and tailored solutions to your needs
Customizations all within your control

High-speed, secure hosting

  • Free SSL certificates, ensuring encrypted and secure connections
  • Lightning-fast network speeds for seamless user experiences
  • Reliable performance with top-level SSDs
High-speed, secure hosting

Don’t just take our word for it.

5 Star Review

I was stuck...

I was stuck and had lost the ability to connect to my VPS server. Both of my remote access capabilities failed to connect because of a SSH config corrupt file. I created a ticket and explained my situation to the Team. They reviewed my case and was able to make a connection with a Console app and restored my RDP connection capabilities. They were amazing. I thought I would not be able to gain access. They saved me lots of headaches and time.
5 Star Review

Exceptional Support from MochaHost

I recently encountered an issue with cURL for multiple subdomains on my VPS hosted with MochaHost. I reached out to their technical support, and they promptly attended to my concerns. Barry was extremely professional, responsive, and diligent in diagnosing and resolving the problem. The issue involved certain subdomains not resolving to an IP address, which was affecting my PHP application. Barry conducted several tests, including ping and traceroute, to identify the root cause. He then updated the local hosts file with the problematic subdomains, which successfully resolved the issue. Throughout the entire process, Barry maintained clear communication and ensured that I was informed of every step taken. His dedication to customer satisfaction was evident, and I couldn't be more pleased with the support I received.
5 Star Review

I enjoy working with MochaHost

I enjoy working with MochaHost because of their prompt technical support anytime of the day I need them. They are always there to help me even with their live chat system. When working with MochaHost VPS plan my clients have 99.9% uptime. I highly recommend MochaHost to new prospective customers.

Our support team is like a caffeine hit - quick and energizing.

Our support team is like a caffeine hit - quick and energizing.

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